UC and extra features

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We all know that UC tools are useful, saving-time and productive for small, medium and large companies, and that our business is strongly connected to the possibility to quickly communicate, to reach people anywhere, to save time and money, and to receive info and data in no time.

Unified Communications platforms and instruments help us in achieving these purposes thanks to the immediate and in real-time communications, file and data sharing, conferences organizations, and more. At the same time, we do have to follow the company’s policies and be compliant with the organization’s guidelines; we have to guarantee the protection of some data and documents, and address the communications coming from the company or from outside to the correct contact persons.

In order to make these actions real, software specifically designed for Microsoft Exchange and Skype for Business/Lync can help you.


In the specific case of Skype for Business – the former Lync, the MultiUx team designed and continuously develops Ethical Wall, the software able to manage all kind of communications among all users, internal or federated. It allows the company to protect its communications and users, depending on needs and internal policies, so it is the tool for being compliant with the organization’s guidelines, without sacrificing the avant-garde benefits of the UC tools.