The Problem Solver, the Economist, the Technician, the Visionary

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Our UC customers

The MultiUx software suite has been created few years ago, in 2010, for the Unified Communciation environments.
The first products of the family were developed answering to some customers’ needs. Working directly with small and medium companies, we could gather impressions, defects, and lacks about the UC tools already in the market. As other organizations, we found a space in the market and we fill it with products that satisfied the national requests at first, and then the global ones.

Our customers proved to be our treasure because we could merge their requests with our ideas and technical expertise and know-how for the creation of useful and not common software dedicated to the UC field. Analyzing our Customers in these years, it is possible to categorize them in a few typologies, which represent exactly the crucial points of our products.

The Problem Solver

The Problem Solver is the kind of customer who looks for a software just in order to solve a problem; it means that he is interested in just one or a few features that make the difference. He wants to have an efficient product that does not do so many things but few in the best way. And here we are, our MultiUx software are focused on specific activities for improving the management of the UC system admins’ daily tasks.

The Economist

The Economist is the one who looks for a software able to solve the issue but the most important aspect for him is the final price. He wants to get the best solution: efficient product and low price. Our MultiUx software have the same licensing model, which is per active Skype for Business or Exchange user, guaranteeing a decreasing price for increasing quantities.

The Technician

The Technician is the customer interested in the technical aspect of the software; architecture, prerequisites, and components are the main information he wants to get. The MultiUx products have a complete set of document, which includes written explanations, describing screenshots, and video tutorial always up-to-date because available online.

The Visionary

And at the end of this brief list, the Visionary, who he is able to highlight specific issues that can occur in the future, using that or this UC product. This is the reason why the MultiUx products have an “open” roadmap: our customers can influence it, they can discuss new ideas with us, and ask us to add a specific feature in the next product release.

Which is the customer typology you are closer to?
Which is the product you think answers to your needs better?

Look at the products page – – and fill the form of the software you are interested in; we get back to you asap via email.