Unified Communications: benefits in your communication

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Since the meaning of communication, as we did know, has changed, it is necessary to distinguish the face-to-face one, rich of not-verbal signs and descriptive tones of voice, from the mediated communication, which includes all the numerous and modern ways people have to speak to each other.


Boundaries, places, and time are not important anymore. Nowadays it happens so often to communicate with people on the other side of the planet thanks to indirect interactions through online and automated tools also in business processes: from creating new business relationships, discussing products and services, to the opportunity closure.

This current and popular type of communication and collaboration is perfectly managed by Unified Communications. The UC embraces all the interactions that happen in real-time and in different places, once both the contacts are available. Yes, the presence status in UC plays an essential role. Without the possibility to verify it, the real-time communication cannot happen; in this case, an email is the best option.

IMs, audio/video calls, conferences, and file sharing compose the UC system, which has been adopted from many companies and organizations in order to:

  • cut the costs of travels and extra urban or international calls, conquering a large slice of the market;
  • follow the internal policies of the company thanks to central-based decisions;
  • increase the company’s productivity; in fact, chats and conference calls make faster and direct the ideas sharing, comparisons, and discussions.

The UC benefits are clear and evident for anyone, companies and privates, therefore there is just one thing to do and it is the UC tools adoption!

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