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UC adoption and Bots

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Recent studies highlighted that Unified Communications systems are not diffused in Italy as in other European countries.

Just the 31% of the Italian small-medium organizations has adopted UC tools. The situation is different for big Italian companies, which follow the international trend in terms of new technology adoption, but we are talking of a country rich of small and medium enterprises, usually family-owned, so there is a lot to do.

European companies, which have already implemented UC systems, are numerous. One of the main reason of this choice is the high awareness of costs reduction. Compare the old telephone system and the advanced VoIP one. Which one has a minor impact on the company’s finances? Well, without a doubt, we can say the second one, not just because it does not include the classic telephones anymore, considered useless hardware, but because of the service management, options, and, most important, carrier prices.

Speaking of options, UC tools have advantages relating to the “new-generation” ways of communication like chats, file and desktop sharing, video conferences, etc. Now through a simple chat session, your Customer Care office can manage clients and their possible complaints or solve a problem asking to share the desktop, and voilà!

And what about bots?!


Hundreds of articles and millions of words for describing the new era of bots for managing our business. Bots are going to occupy a large space. Through them, we can:

  • address the customers’ requests to specific specialists or groups of people or teams;
  • give the first answers to specific and common requests linking the bot to the company’s databases;
  • guide customers through a website or path up to the solution to their issue;
  • collect information for enriching the leads list;
  • gather details about the request for scheduling meetings substituting the secretary in the easy tasks.

Remember, bots never lose their kindness and patience 🙂


We are developing a tool compliant with the latest needs of a virtual staff: its name is Company Gate. Here some info.

Forgive us; we are still working on it!