Old ways won't open new doors

Teleworking, Telecommuting & Unified Communications

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As we know, Internet has changed everything.

Thanks to Internet, we can consider our kitchens and studios, coffee shops, pubs, and co-working spaces as real working places, exactly as we always thought about offices and areas dedicated to employees of the same organization.

This great change, analyzed from the work point of view, allows employees, managers, and all those we usually call “white-collar workers”, to modify the physical space where they can work, cooperate, have meetings and conferences, and more.

Offices are not as relevant as in the past.

Nowadays organizations give the chance to be physically outside of the company, following the Teleworking guidelines, which means making possible the work from distance. This kind of workers are called Telecommuters because they do not have any need to leave their house to conduct the work properly.

Teleworking: a man is working outside of his office

Working in different environments brings new influences because there is the possibility to discuss with people outside of the usual comfort zone, to share opinions with different figures per age, role, experiences, to observe how the daily and real life is. Now combine these incitements with your work: how many opportunities can you see?

That is the reason why many companies have already adopted this modality, and they could do it thanks to the Unified Communications tools available in the market.

UC platforms and instruments offer real-time communications at a very low price, compared to the traditional telephone costs. Via chat messages, calls, video-calls, and conferences, that can be launched and joined by anyone coming from anywhere, everyone can:

  • schedule and join a conference call from one country to another one;
  • answer to a message in real-time coming from a customer located in another company;
  • interview an applicant who is at home, and so on.

Unified Communications tools are different and can cover all companies’ needs, keeping safe and compliant with internal policies and general working laws and procedures.

The main UC platforms can be enriched with further software that add features and options not always included in the standard editions, as our MultiUx software set.

Speaking of this particular brand, MultiUx, it has been designed for Microsoft Skype for Business and Lync, in addition to Exchange, so it offers different modules for the communications protection, resources provision, massive campaigns creation, low-vision attendants’ help, and more.

All the info about the MultiUx products are here: www.multiux.com/discovers. Visit the page!

It is necessary for companies to keep-up with the times, looking at human resources and costs.

It seems that teleworking is one of the most considered strategies, now from big realities, but why do not try it, when possible!