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Getting support from the same people who developed the software.


Specialized customers support

When we purchase a product, it happens that we need help for possible issues or questions.

The first thing to do is checking the website and surfing the web for gathering as many information as possible, but what if they are not enough? In this case, it is necessary to contact the Helpdesk of the company that produces your good.

How many times have you run into difficulties looking for the correct telephone number or platform for asking and receiving support? And when you got it, have you always found well-prepared teams?

It is common for many companies to outsource the support in order to be better staffed in the organization’s core business, and this choice is usually deeply contemplated because cons can affect any area of the industry. Not satisfied customers create a bad reputation, and nowadays, with social networks and ranking platforms, feedbacks and opinions run quickly and reach everyone.


Guaranteeing a good, fast, and effective support to customers is essential for satisfying them and for refining products. Yes, giving support directly to customers makes you able to understand the clients’ needs, and lacks in your products for fixing and improving them.

Skilled support

The possibility to be up-to-date on possible products’ deficiencies and the chance to help customers in a few steps are the reasons why the MultiUx support comes from the Product Team: the skilled colleagues that develop the MultiUx software are those who solve the customers’ issues.

Our procedure is simple, our customer can access the PSS – Product Support Site, available 24/7, for reading instructions and suggestions about the product they have; the FAQ section includes the most common questions and difficulties, and when something is not included, customers can open a ticket describing the issue. At this point, our ServiceDesk and Product Teams collaborate for getting back to you with a clear solution.

Customers benefit of quick solutions and best results, and we take advantage of their feedbacks for improving our software and the online information.