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5 reasons for implementing Skype for Business

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The implementation of modern communication platforms is not the latest news in the business world, but it is not completely widespread yet.

IT specialists try to convince the decision makers to substitute the old telephone switchboard with the modern infrastructures, which can be on premises, cloud or hybrid, based on the company’s needs and policies.

Skype for Business of Microsoft is one of the most common and popular communication infrastructures out there.
Organizations who implemented this instrument can count on great brand awareness and good reputation, specialized support, continuous improvements, high compatibility with tools and environments, and so on. In addition to these advantages, IT companies, such as ours with its Unified Communications brand MultiUx, develop plug-ins and software for enriching and enhancing the Skype for Business features and answer to the market requests.

We are not here to discuss all the benefits of Skype for Business use – since they are too many, but we can focus our attention on 5 good reasons that can make change your mind, and that we think are the most significant for your business.

  1. Lower costs of investment thanks to a light infrastructure
  2. Monthly fees (and not immediate big costs)
  3. Strategic and logistical advantages
  4. Up-to-date approach
  5. Supplementary plug-ins and software (for complete products)

The first point – lower costs of investment thanks to a light infrastructure – is an important aspect because you can really save money. The infrastructure for Skype for Business is lighter than the one for physical telephone exchange, therefore is cheaper. Even the support or further implementations are low-cost, if compared.

Then we have Monthly fees, which easily means that the Microsoft Skype for Business licensing model allows you to divide costs into segments, without facing immediate high expenses. You can manage costs monthly, keeping unchanged the current assets.

When the company has many offices, placed in different cities or countries, can you imagine the ease of virtual and immediate connections? With Skype for Business you can connect your branches and employees all over the world: no physical nets and cables, no excessive price and time.

Keep up with the times, and your employees, customers, partners, and providers will be happier and satisfied. An up-to-date approach helps your business and makes you a groundbreaking leader.

Skype for Business is so popular that many plug-ins and software have been designed for adding features or enhancing those already available. You can benefit of the modern communication platform and enrich it with specific tool explicitly dedicated to it for better results and performances.

Our MultiUx brand, as well as others, proposes software specifically designed for Skype for Business.

If you need to add security or if you want to transform your Skype for Business in a broadcaster of urgent matters, or even if you think to your Skype for Business as a channel for multi-communication means, we can help you.

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