S4B Broadcaster, the new MultiUx tool!

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Nowadays companies, whether they are financial or industry, share news, alerts, urgent communicationsinternal notice and updates, special promotion and more about their services and products through technological tools in order to reach all their addressees wherever they are, save money and time, record and collect data, results, and feedbacks, and be sure of the message effectiveness.
The most common campaign typology is through emails thanks to platforms able to send several emails in one shot. On the other side, these campaigns are already outdated. In fact, they need of correct addresses database, well-thought subjects for avoiding the rejection, captivating content for being read, and hope that addressees open the email in time. All these barriers reduce the valued effectiveness.

In order to solve and bypass the aforementioned issues, companies started to think about immediate and instant campaigns; what about creating and broadcasting campaigns using the Unified Communications platforms already diffused in worldwide organizations? It could be a great idea, but besides paid or sponsored Social Networks campaigns, what’s on the market? Actually not so much yet, but we had an idea few months ago, and now we are ready to spread the word.

S4B Broadcaster is the name of the new MultiUx family component.

It is a software for the campaigns design, schedule, broadcast and analysis, and here’s the innovation, Skype for Business or Lync instant messages.
S4B Broadcaster is composed of an administration panel for its configuration, and a user-friendly, intuitive and fresh web User interface for the campaign design and planning, compatible with the most common browsers, like IE, Chrome, Firefox.
The web UI guides you in any step of the campaign creation, and it is easy to manage thanks to a clear design, iconic colors, and a logic structure.
S4B Broadcaster is a complete brand-new product because it broadcasts the campaign through the IM of SfB/Lync to SfB, Lync and Skype users, making the communication or promotion immediate, effective, and inevitable. The IM pop-up is 100% more effective than an email because users open it easily, immediately and instinctively: your content will be read almost for sure.

For any information relating to the S4B Broadcaster, visit this page and leave us a message describing what you’re looking for!