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MultiUx as multi User Experience

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MultiUx – multi User  Experience

MultiUx brand gets its name clearly from the adjective “multi”, the prefix for “more than one”, and UX, which is the acronym for User Experience.

The User Experience is the key for a successful software or technological product because it converts the customers’ experience in brand loyalty.

User Experience creation - Web UI

MultiUx family includes distinct types of software, mainly dedicated to Skype for Business, that add features to the Microsoft UC tool for enhancing its functionalities. The MultiUx software have in common the user-friendly and HTML5 language interfaces. Yes, the web control panel of each product has been developed for making the administrators’ steps easy, creating a sort of path for guiding them in the various phases.

The User Experience of the MultiUx tools is a wizard who leads users, experts and non-experts, in the perfect management of the several offered options, and they can be merged. If you purchase a specific software, for example Ethical Wall for protecting some or all Skype for Business communication flows, and then you buy S4B Broadcaster because your company needs to send massive and urgent communications internally, taking advantage of Skype for Business Instant Messages, it will be possible to manage the Administration control panel from a unique web User Interface! Different sections make the products area clear and you will find all you need in a single space.

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