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In real life, mates are or can be people who belong to the same class or group, who share a common background, values, behaviors, lifestyle, points of view, and who have constant connections for a strong and lasting relationship.

Sociologists keep highlighting the importance of good interpersonal relations for better surviving to the hectic daily life we are living. Just think about the digital world which creates and develops applications and smart ways to keep us connected for sharing our thoughts, ideas, moods, etc., in fact, this is the best way not to feel lonely in our thousands activities and duties.

Well, we can consider the MultiUx software as colleagues, partners, mates. Their background is the same.

  • All of them come from ideas bore in fabbricadigitale for solving needs and lacks in the UC market.
  • Their values are shared but different, as the best friends’ are, such as satisfying the customers’ requirements in terms of security, easy management, quick information.
  • Their implementation worlds are common: it is possible to integrate the MultiUx software among each other.

Considering that, which are the MultiUx products?

Ethical Wall

The software able to manage all the SfB/Lync real-time communication routes, giving to the admins the chance to select the preferred options through an intuitive and user-friendly control panel.

Exchange and S4B Manager

These software allow admins to easily take and keep control of their Exchange and/or Skype for Business farm resources. Features provide a smarter experience focused on the daily activities.

S4B Broadcaster

The application allows creating and dispatching campaigns via Skype for Business and Lync to Skype for Business, Lync and Skype users through a simple and intuitive web interface, compatible with the most popular browsers.


The software composed of software. It gives you the possibility to turn the Lync system with enterprise voice in an enterprise-class system; to set the busy tone in the Lync calls, mask numbers, provide a Lync client for visually impaired people, and much more.

MultiUx covers different needs in the Skype for Business and Exchange scenarios.

If you are interested in our mates and in receiving further info, contact us!

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