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Which is one of the most important aspect of a voice network in your opinion?


We think that being able to communicate clearly and smoothly via phone, mobile, web, is the way of a good business because it allows not to miss details in your communications with customers, suppliers, stakeholders.

On one side, the MultiUx family proposes the Cloud Voice solution – the fully-managed services set for the Skype for Business Online adoption and implementation with voice features, and on the other, it wants to be a guarantee of a linear voice line.
The first question that came in our minds was: how can we measure and monitor the voice network, viewing data via an intuitive control panel with clear info and graphs with the possibility to add warning thresholds for sending emails in case of critical situations?
OK, maybe too many specifics in just one question but they brought us to create our own product: the Voice Sentinel.

The Voice Sentinel is a plug-and-play box, you can place in your environment, in ours, or both, that monitors the voice network of your company, shows results and data in an easy-to-consult control panel, and sends alerts in case of critical scenarios.
In the dedicated page, we have listed all the Voice Sentinel features.
Yes, we offer two versions: Basic and PRO.
The PRO version includes even Simulation and Reports, which means that it is possible to simulate a Skype for Business client and then analyze data for knowing the health conditions of your voice network and, in case, finding solutions for an always functional network.

The Voice Sentinel is a very little box, the single hardware piece you need; look at it!

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