Lync Low-Vision Attendant

The MultiUx Team News

When we developed the Lync Low-Vision Attendant, we though at the main problems which this category runs into in its working daily life.

Our UC team immediately imagined a dedicated Lync client able to make easier the vision impaired employees’ tasks, so we planned a Lync workstation with big monitors in HD for a real color contrast and for simplifying the reading, a special remote control with large buttons that answer to specific commands on Lync, and a Lync custom visualization. All these characteristics make possible the Lync use also to those people who have particular vision deficiencies.

We paid particular attention to the voice feature.

It is a real support by guiding the user through the different and several options: from calling another user to create a conference, from selecting a specific telephone number to transferring a call to a colleague, and more. The Voice support specifies which buttons it is necessary to press in order to follow a process; it creates a complete interaction, and the user is able to use all the features offered by Microsoft Lync without asking for a different UC tool.

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