Licensing Model

All MultiUx products have a straight and clear licensing model to provide a clear vision of benefits and costs to customers, in a while.

Unified Communications projects are usually complex and huge, and one of the most difficult aspect for CIOs is to create a correct business model matching the vendors’ different pricing models. MultiUx provides a simple and easy licensing model to make easier the CIOs’ work, introducing new and important features:

  • Licence guarantees bugfixing for the entire software lifecycle with no additional cost
  • Licence can be trasferred to a third party at anytime (property of the software instance)

Optional services, like Software Assurance and Service Support, provide Enterprise-standard solutions for Companies that want to create a proper control chain for the UC platform.

More on License

License includes the property of the software instance leaving free the owner to use the user to tranfer it to third parties (declaration of the name of the final user is mandatory).
License includes warranty for the resolution of bugs (bug-fixing) for the entire product lifecycle and access to the product online knowledge.

License owners can download the patches and notify problems to the development staff through the Product Support Site (PSS).


Software Assurance

Software Assurance is an optional and yearly subscription that guarantees the most recent product releases download (minor/major releases) and the access to special contents in the Product Support Site, for example the possibility to discuss the product roadmap with the product team.


Service Support

Service Support is an optional and yearly subscription that guarantees support, directly from the product team, in case of technical issues.
Note: installation assistance is excluded from Service Support; if required, professional services can be purchased separately.