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As technology keeps on progressing, companies’ infrastructures are constantly adapting to it. With the development of business and collaboration, it is increasingly significant to execute improvements on systems. When a company constantly increases its employees for answering to the customers’ needs, also its infrastructure should be on the same wavelength.

Among the several and different activities for the infrastructure governance, it is absolutely necessary to have a tool that allows the automatic management, especially when we talk about big companies and system integrators.

For those that have the Microsoft Exchange platform installed, for themselves or for their customers, the MultiUx team has designed and developed a software able to guide the administrator in any step of the mailbox creation and management processes.

We named the product simply Exchange Manager.

Aside from helping administrators achieve the goals, Exchange Manager brings several benefits to the company:

  • it provides a centralized administration console;
  • it provides tools for provisioning and automated management;
  • it allows to delegate the software administration;
  • it provides self-management Exchange tools to service providers’ customers;
  • the console management does not require specific IT knowledge.

Since automatic and efficient email platform management is one of the hallmark of any organization, offering proper products to the market is a priority, and that is what we do; we answer to the customers’ requirements.
Industries should take advantage of technology to ensure success in projects.