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Easy software adoption

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The adoption of new software and tools should be easy and clear.

When our Sales representatives meet potential customers, they always recognize a kind of expression that can be defined as change resistance. This approach is common during new proposals, not just because the scenario is an investigating moment of the negotiation, but also because changes involves different aspects, not only the considered one.

In IT, changes mean innovation, which is the reason why they have to be as easy and neutral as possible in terms of transition processes. Daily tasks and routine are tough usually, and we do not need further complications.

The software development has to include a simple installation process in order to offer an efficient tool with automatic and clear processes, when possible.

Change resistance

We considered these thoughts as guidelines for packaging our Ethical Wall software, a tool dedicated to Skype for Business of Microsoft that manages and addresses the communication workflows to specific users. In fact, Ethical Wall guarantees an automatic installation, composed of few guided steps that are easy to complete. In addition to this, we added a web portal with all the necessary instructions and FAQs.

Our customers can contact our Servicedesk Portal for asking support directly to the Development Team.

Changes have never looked so organized 🙂


For info on our MultiUx Ethical Wall, visit the dedicated page here.