• Ethical Wall - Firewall for SfB communications
    The firewall for the Microsoft Skype for Business and Lync communications
  • Makes available the Skype for Business or Lync client for visually impaired operators
  • Makes the monitoring of your voice network automatic and easily accessible
  • Door - Company Gate
    The platform for engaging customers and pleasing employees
  • The Skype for Business user who records your calls and conferences
  • The innovative tool for your internal and instant Skype for Business communications


Cloud Voice meets the Office 365 customers’ requirements for a complete Cloud experience with voice calls.

The Cloud Voice full-supported solution expands the Skype for Business Online potential, enabling the voice call capability and covering all the main Phone system features. In a single service, customers can benefit of a smart solution inclusive of technology, voice traffic, and support.



We offer tailored services for any of your requests relating to the Unified Communications needs.

We are able to manage and combine all the architecture components, like Internet, MPLS connectivity, SIP trunking, voice traffic, with professional services and support activities.
Adopt a Unified Communications tool or process and bring your company to an upper level of business: we help you in the many available options, and we support you in the adoption of the new instruments, in addition to create tailored solutions for you.