Instant Messages campaigns

IM campaigns

Plan your campaign and broadcast the instant message via SfB or Lync to SfB, Lync, and Skype addressees.

Simultaneous campaigns

Simultaneous campaigns

Launch more than one campaign simultaneously, setting specific options.

Specific and preselected addresses

Specific addressees

Tailor your campaign to specific addressees, considering their presence status.

Results and data


Analyze the campaign results available in the reports section of the Campaign Administration control panel.


Instant communication

Guarantee immediate and quick communications, and reach all the available and selected users for urgent info, alerts, notices, and more.

Dedicated control panel

Give a dedicated control panel to the campaign creators for designing, planning, and broadcasting the campaigns.

Selected users

Send your campaign instant message only to specific groups of users.

No client-side applications

Install S4B Broadcaster without adding client-side software.


S4B Broadcaster is compatible with:

  • Skype for Business
  • Lync 2013
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