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Ethical Wall



Ethical Wall is a  “firewall for Skype for Business and Lync communications.

Ethical Wall manages the Skype for Business/Lync platform following the company’s compliance, privacy, and security issues thanks to its several options and combos.

Ethical Wall makes your Skype for Business/Lync infrastructure a full-compliant platform. 

Keep everything under control with no client-side software, opt for Ethical Wall!

As in a firewall, admins can define policies leveraging on a complete set of SfB/Lync end-points, from single users to domains, from groups to OU. You will be able to employ your Active Directories for a smarter administration, and quickly shaping a complex compliance scenario.
Meantime you create a policy between two end-points, you are able to determine which SfB/Lync workload allow or deny among users. Rules actions and directions

You can create rules establishing who can see the presence status information of who, with the maximum granularity.
The system provides instant messages to advise users of company’s policies and restrictions.Courtesy Alert messages
Provide your users with a “virtual personal assistant” that helps to manage and control the SfB/Lync communications.Majordomo, the virtual attendant
Make your policies change dynamically, following the business time

Get an overview of your Ethical Wall security and compliance through the Report section
Manage the security and compliance of your SfB/Lync environment quickly and easily thanks to the brand-new administration console with empowered analysis tools.
Ethical Wall does not require any software installation on client, guaranteeing a light governance activity for administrators.
Ethical Wall fits any kind of SfB/Lync environment, from single-server architecture to multi-pool ones, matching any required SLA.

Security: Ethical Wall as a “UC Firewall”
UC systems are fast growing and the amount of communications in companies are numerous. In order to make the UC system a real big opportunity for a productivity increase, the governance of the involved security aspects has to be smart and effective.
Ethical Wall improves the security policies provided out-of-the-box by SfB/Lync, allowing administrators to keep control of the communications, matching the companies’ security policies and users’ needs.
Ethical Wall is the “firewall” for your UC system.
Organizations need to improve and make easier the communications among people and, at the same time, they need to control them for matching the business processes.
Ethical Wall is able to help admins to keep control of the communications flows and routes.
Key users, like chief officers, managers and so on need to be “protected” by possible abuse of the UC system from unsolicited or improper contacts.
Ethical Wall provides static or dynamic protection, providing a virtual personal assistant, available in a click, with no additional costs.


Presence status and information normally are not visible to everyone due to local laws or company regulations; with Ethical Wall, admins can define who can see and show the presence status with the maximum granularity.

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Ethical wall is compatible with:
– Microsoft Skype for Business
– Microsoft Lync 2013
– Microsoft Lync 2010

Ethical Wall is a Microsoft qualified product.

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