Create virtual interactions for helping and guiding your customers and employees.

Integration with internal tools

Integrate Company Gate with your systems and enhance the internal Helpdesk.

Integration with external tools

Integrate Company Gate with external tools, such as your website, Facebook Messenger, your mobile app, and expand your visibility and availability.

Smart programming

Set up new gates and policies in a click using the management control panel.


Monitor the communication sessions and the applications performances in real-time.


Analyze reports about direct or bot calls, chats, duration, and more.


Multiple and automatic services

Set the multiple options and give to your customer the possibility to contact you via several channels automatically, like live chats from your website or Facebook Messenger, A/V calls from your mobile app, calls from Skype.

Availability 24/7

Provide your customers and staff with a 24/7 service thanks to bots and a direct connection to your FAQs.

Skilled feedback

Address the customers’ requests to specific skilled operators, teams, bots.

Use your UC tools

Use your UC Microsoft tool without adopting other platforms.


Company Gate is compatible with:

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