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Satisfy your Customers!

Everyone talks and writes about Millenials or Generation Y, people born between 80’s and 2000, because they are the current and galloping workforce.  These people do not like spending time waiting for answers because they got used to receiving immediate responses and looking for specific info using web, Social networks, app, and more. Millenials are selective in their purchases, always connected, and use their mobile phones for almost everything.

How can you keep pace with the times?

It is necessary to be ready and available for your customers. For doing it, we suggest to:

  • answer to the customers’ requests immediately, using chats;
  • follow the market trends whether you are a store or a company;
  • address the customers’ questions to the more skilled staff for improving the experience and saving time;
  • generate expectations based on availability, responsiveness, information quality, reachability (look at the info on your Facebook company page!);
  • create a journey for your customers. For example, install a bot for immediate answers, use it for sending news about products and promos to your customers during specific events (Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Saint Valentine’s day, Easter, Spring, Summer, Black Friday, …), send custom collections for increasing interest and showing care.

Customer's Journey

Social networks give visibility and make you stand out in the wide competitors’ scenario, but sometimes it is not simple or possible to manage different channels and several requests in real-time, that is why it is necessary to have a single product able to organize channels and customers through a single means of communication.

Under the MultiUx brand, we have developed the Company Gate, which is a platform through which routing media and channels, but using a unique instrument for all of them.

Company Gate is compatible with Skype for Business of Microsoft: through a single Skype for Business client you can manage the web and Messenger chats, phone and A/V calls, custom applications, and more.

Influence your customers positively and they will influence the market suggesting your products and services!