Software Development Services

Universal/Unified Communications systems, like Skype for Business/Lync, represent a real opportunity to improve productivity and effectiveness just acting on the communication layer.
With the UC integration in your line of business, tools and processes can bring your Company into an upper level where the UC system turns into a 360° business tool.

How can a UC-integrate software help my business?

  • Every UC client installed on users’ desktop can potentially be turned into a line of business tool, managing specific alerts and notifications, interacting with company’s datawarehouse or applications like CRM or ERP.
  • Internet of things: UC-based application can monitor and control hardware stuff, creating a virtual interaction between people and things.
  • Presence interaction: third party application interacts with enhanced presence information to manage correctly decision and information among people.
  • Create new interaction possibilities with customers and providers.
  • More.
Room selector: advanced user interface – compatible with Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and OWA – to provide a smart experience in organizing online meetings with people from different locations. The meeting provisioning process includes the automatic management of standard video-conferencing MCUs and SfB/Lync meetings to create a unique experience for users and administrators.
Bank (50.000+ users)
Multi-Level administration panel for Exchange integrated with 3rd party Archiving system to provide unique provisioning and governance process.
Government (100.000+ users)
Custom middleware for a workflow integration between banks CRM and users personal Exchange calendar.
Bank (5.000+ users)
“Client configurator”: a tool installed on workstations that automatically set up Exchange accounts (pre-autodiscover) on personal and shared mailbox.
Insurance company (7.000+ users)

The Team

“Custom Works” team is composed of skilled software and system engineers with a multi-year experience in software development within the UC world. On each project a technical leader and a project manager are defined to drive all decisions and the customer relationship in each project phase.

The “Custom Works” approach respects some milestones in order to obtain the best experience and result for the client:

  • Business needs analysis
  • Design and proposal
  • Sharing objectives and timeline (Gantt)
  • Project phase
  • User Acceptance Test
  • Go-Live
  • Assurance
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