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Communication is always difficult in workplaces. Solve the problem, and promote the company’s ideas!


Difficulties and barriers in communication

Internal communication in organizations runs into several barriers usually, such as:

  • Employees’ unavailability
  • Late and asynchronous communications
  • Inefficient platform
  • Message content disinterest
  • Untargeted audience

In fact, despite of the useful and effective tool Microsoft Skype for Business, dedicated to enhance internal and external communications of business companies, there are issues in keeping up-to-date the employees and users about the latest news, promotions, urgent warnings, etc.

A simple server-side plug-in can be the solution. We called it S4B Broadcaster.

The S4B Broadcaster is the MultiUx tool that allows users to create specific and custom campaigns for sending massive instant messages via Skype for Business to SfB, Lync, and Skype users who can receive them both on pc and mobile. Campaigns can be targeted: it is possible to select specific users or groups of users, to opt for precise presence status and time-slots, and more.

Of course, the web UI dedicated to the campaigns administrators has a clear and efficient monitoring section for gathering results and data.

All the information about our S4B Broadcaster are described here
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