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Cloud Voice Events

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Good success for our Cloud Voice solution!

Last September 28th and October 4th, we and Polycom organized two events in Microsoft for showing the Cloud Voice solution.

Cloud Voice event in Microsoft House in Milan

The Cloud Voice is an offer provided by the specialized UC team of fabbricadigitale composed of services for replacing the old telephone switchboard of companies with Skype for Business Online of Office 365.

The Microsoft Phone System makes possible the outsourcing of the communications platform but it is necessary to add some features for a complete and functioning online telephone exchange. The Cloud Voice solution includes study, planning, implementation, and adoption phases. The collaboration with Polycom allows us to add the most efficient, native, and popular telephone devices for guaranteeing the voice feature as its best.

During the events, Polycom and fabbricadigitale took the stage explaining benefits and advantages of the solution, starting from the cost saving to the easy branches connection. In addition to these speeches, we introduced the latest tool called Voice Sentinel, which allows companies to monitor the real functioning of the voice network through a user-friendly control panel.

We already have customers who adopted Cloud Voice and replaced completely or partially their old and internal telephone system with Skype for Business Online supported by the Cloud Voice services for a new experience and impressive results.

Polycom and fabbricadigitale created a strong team.

For any further information about our Cloud Voice solution, visit the dedicated page and watch the video of the event in Milan (Italian language) here below.

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