giugno 2017

Specialized Support for all Customers

Getting support from the same people who developed the software.           When we purchase a product, [...]

maggio 2017

Teleworking, Telecommuting & Unified Communications

As we know, Internet has changed everything. Thanks to Internet, we can consider our kitchens and studios, coffee shops, pubs, [...]

aprile 2017

UC adoption and Bots

Recent studies highlighted that Unified Communications systems are not diffused in Italy as in other European countries. Just the 31% [...]

marzo 2017

The Voice in Skype for Business Online

Unified Communications is our business, and we try to develop fresh tools and new ideas every day. Thanks to our [...]

Communicate instantly

Communication is always difficult in workplaces. Solve the problem, and promote the company’s ideas! Internal communication in organizations runs into [...]

febbraio 2017

Better things are yet to come!

Our ideas for 2017 are very clear: The MultiUx set will be enriched and improved: we enhance some product’s features, [...]