agosto 2017

5 tips for adopting the right software for your Unified Communications tool

How to choose the software you need for enhancing the features of the Unified Communications tool already installed in your [...]

luglio 2017

Easy software adoption

The adoption of new software and tools should be easy and clear. When our Sales representatives meet potential customers, they [...]

giugno 2017

Specialized Support for all Customers

Getting support from the same people who developed the software.           When we purchase a product, [...]

maggio 2017

Teleworking, Telecommuting & Unified Communications

As we know, Internet has changed everything. Thanks to Internet, we can consider our kitchens and studios, coffee shops, pubs, [...]

aprile 2017

UC adoption and Bots

Recent studies highlighted that Unified Communications systems are not diffused in Italy as in other European countries. Just the 31% [...]

marzo 2017

The Voice in Skype for Business Online

Unified Communications is our business, and we try to develop fresh tools and new ideas every day. Thanks to our [...]