Better things are yet to come!

The MultiUx Team News

Our ideas for 2017 are very clear:

  • The MultiUx set will be enriched and improved: we enhance some product’s features, we launch the requested Cloud Pack Program, we perfect few aspects of the already available tools, and more.
  • We promote the new Cloud Voice solution that provides the voice capabilities in Skype for Business Online in Office 365.
  • Custom developments won’t miss when required. When after a detailed description and a deep analysis & research phase, an effective opportunity comes by, we seize the moment and try to satisfy the customer, who is well-conscious of his good idea due and thanks to the intensive use of the Unified Communication tools.
  • Of course, we keep listening to our contacts and customers’ needs and requests, so write us in Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. This is the best opportunity we have to support you and be inspired by new ideas and suggestions

These our ideas for a fresh start. Which are yours?

Share them with us, sending an email at!