Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. M.L. King Jr

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We all know that Martin Luther King Jr was talking about something much more deep and humanitarian, but what if we use this quote in terms of work?

Open spaces, recreational areas, cooperation and the simple daily communication bring different new ideas, and a sort of influence among people, in what they think, in how they behave, work, and face problems and situations. The entire life is made of effects, connections, and fusion.

The open communication has changed our lives and it has to be considered a great success for a more connected and easy-to-explore world, but – as any innovation – it has also “a dark side”.

Consider the big amount of time we spend by answering to everyone. If I answer you, I dedicate time, even though a little bit, to another person or project, and another colleague can be negatively affected by my behavior.

It is a fact that my action affects your action.

Is there a way to limit the unwanted and indirect involvement? It is possible to manage this new wave of unlimited and sometimes unnecessary messages and information? Yes, there is.

We design and develop software for enhancing features of already popular UC tools, therefore our efforts have been put mainly on instant communication instruments, for example on Skype for Business.

Skype for Business is the Microsoft UC product installed and used by several companies, organizations, and institutes all over the world. It gives not only the chance to chat with your colleagues, but also with whoever has a Skype account. That’s awesome but a little far from the companies’ security policies too, and here we are!

Ethical Wall is our software inclusive of an easy-to-use control panel through which administrators can manage all the Skype for Business communications, denying some and allowing others, blocking some workflows, like the IM, but opening calls. It is easy to install, and it does not require any client-side part.

Contact us for gathering further info and testing Ethical Wall; fill the form in the product page www.multiux.com/discover/products/ethicalwall!

Affect others consciously! 🙂