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MultiUx is a suite of software products to improve the functionalities of Unified Communications systems and maximize the effectiveness and impact of this tool for the business.


We're working on our #MultiUx products for making Lync and Exchange more and more efficient and safe!

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Preview:  Ethical Wall for Lync 3.2 release


Acting like a ‘chinese wall’ the software allows to manage security and compliance issues within the organization and with externals like federated Lync companies, Skype users, phone callers. In the 3.2 version it introduces presence control, new analisys tools, improvements of the Majordomoservices, new custom notification behaviours,… Discover more!





New! Online support services


MultiUx product have now a new Support Portal where customers (users, admins, …) can find manuals, informations, procedures, tips about their MultiUx software. At the same time Support Portal provides diagnosis tools and a direct access to live support for customers with a valid Service Support subscription. Contribute to the roadmap and discussions, download latest software… and more!
Welcome to the new online support services!     Check it out!